Dr. Friedel’s Clinical Practice

Family Institute of Virginia Clinic

The Family Institute of Virginia (FIV) is a private clinic located in Richmond, VA that accepts a limited number of insurance plans. Dr. Friedel is a Medical Consultant to the FIV. For patients from the greater Richmond area, as well as those who are within driving distance, the services offered at FIV include: Diagnostic Evaluation of the patient (including interviews with the patient’s family members); Medication Management; Individual Borderline-Specific Psychotherapy; and Family Counseling. For additional information, please call Dr. Friedel at 804-744-5261.

Patients who are not within convenient driving distance of Richmond, and those who come to the FIV clinic from out-of-state, are provided with recommendations regarding overall management, sources of BPD-specific psychotherapy in their community and consultations with their physicians regarding medication alternatives.

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